Trump doesn’t like bicycles

As a 73-year-old bicyclist, I’m apparently a pathetically ridiculous creature in the bizarro world of Donald Trump.

The sheer stupidity of someone of such advanced years using a human-powered conveyance to move from place to place when there are perfectly good gasoline-powered SUVs, or stretch limos in Trump’s case, to get around in.

John Kerry on his bike. AFP:Getty Images 2

John Kerry on his bike. AFP/Getty Images

It’s pretty clear from Trump’s rant about Secretary of State John Kerry, who rode his bike for exercise while in Geneva negotiating the nuclear deal with Iran, that this bloviating presidential wannabe would never, ever get on a bicycle.

“He’s 73 years old and he goes into a bicycle race,” Trump said of Kerry, who was actually 71 at the time of Trump’s remarks and wasn’t in a race. “He’s got the helmet, the whole thing. He’s negotiating a very important deal. You said John Kerry’s a joke. No, he’s a bicyclist. OK?”

Kerry broke his right femur May 31 while cycling near Scionzier, in southeastern France not far from the Swiss border.

“I don’t want him on a bicycle during nuclear negotiations,” Trump rambled on to the appreciative crowd. “I swear to you I will never enter a bicycle race if I’m president. I swear. I swear.”

I suppose Trump would prefer that we folks in our golden years sit on our couches all day watching Fox News, so that we could be educated in the correct way of thinking about such socialist notions as bicycling.



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3 responses to “Trump doesn’t like bicycles

  1. John Vandevelde

    Glad to see this blog! One thing is for sure, Donald Trump would never get on a bike. First, he could never find a helmet big enough for his ego-inflated head. Second, if they made such a helmet, he would not wear it because it would mess up his hair. And third, he wouldn’t want anyone to see his (as “The Donald” would say) huuuuuuuuge, soft mid-section out of those baggy, fat-hiding suits he wears and stuffed into lycra bike shorts.

    • John. Great to hear from you again. As you might have noticed, I haven’t been very active on the blog lately, but I couldn’t resist posting this video of Trump. Hope all is well with you and your family. Although I’m retired, I’ve been working three days a week and we’ve been doing a lot of traveling of late.

  2. Trump like Chaney…..Draft Dodgers…. They are not worth the time to listen … Ignorant People….

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