Tallahassee’s bikini cyclist

Bikini cyclistAs we pass through Tallahassee, Fla., on the final stages of our cross-country bicycle journey this fall, we might be on the lookout for a local celebrity known as the “Classy Tallahassee Bikini Bicyclist.”
No, it’s not a comely young woman, but a rather stout middle-aged guy named Richard Irby, who rides the streets of Florida’s capital wearing sneakers and white socks, a headband, a tiny thong and nothing else.
“I ride in a bikini because it’s comfortable,” Irby told Jeff Klinkenberg of the St. Petersburg Times for a story published July 20. “I just love to ride my bike.”
Irby suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was hit by a car during his high school years. At age 55, Klinkenberg wrote, “he still walks and speaks with difficulty.”
Unable to work because of his disability, Irby lives in a trailer with his pet Macaw, Sammy — and rides his bike. “His bike is his sole means of transportation and his greatest pleasure,” Klinkenberg wrote.
Classy Tallahassee Bikini Cyclist fan clubSo well known as a Tallahassee eccentric, Irby’s friends and supporters have started a fan page on Facebook, Classy Tallahassee Bikini Bicyclist Fan Club. As of this writing, it has 4,515 members.
The logo of the fan club shows Irby straddling his bike and flashing a peace sign — his signature greeting to fans and detractors alike.



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2 responses to “Tallahassee’s bikini cyclist

  1. zack


    Be on the lookout for his doppleganger in Austin, then, too…

  2. Mateo

    Dang. He is even more of a hoss than you, Dad! But not by much.

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