The crazies out there

Here’s an example of what some bicyclists have to contend with when they ride on rural roads.
Check out this YouTube video of two cyclists riding on a quiet Sunday morning near Longmont, Colo.

The cyclists were pedaling on the right-hand side of the right lane when an SUV driven by an elderly male came up behind them and repeatedly honked at them for more that two minutes, even though there was little traffic on the road and the driver had plenty of room to pass.
“At least we kept our cool,” one of the cyclists, Dirk Friel, told the Boulder Daily Camera.
Both cyclists were experienced road riders. But Friel pointed out that the constant honking, which seemed to amount to nothing more than harassment, could have distracted less experienced cyclists and even caused a crash.
He said that when the SUV finally did pass, it sped by so close to his companion that he pushed off the vehicle.
Fortunately, the cyclists got a video of the incident with a smart phone and the driver’s license plate number. The Colorado State Patrol said it is investigating the incident for possible “enforcement action.”
So be careful out there. There are a lot of crazies on the road.



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4 responses to “The crazies out there

  1. This guy (John Heltsley) got so enraged he intentionally hit this biker. People are ignorant.

    If you want to call or write him a letter you can get his personal info. at

  2. What another sad story to add to the hundreds that have happened the past three to five years. This parttly is the reason I ride only trails and even then crossing hiways, drive ways and city streets is a hazard. It is clear there are arrogant rednecked a-holes that feel supreme and are annoyed to have a peddling person in their way. Thank goodness the Longmont riders kept their cool because there are supercilious cyclists that act similar to that Old Fart laying on his horn. I hope he gets a ticket but most likely will not because he was in a no passing zone. Assume everyone is crazy and we might live longer. So off I go riding only trails to traverse the USA from north to south.

  3. mark

    “Possible” enforcement??? He might have gotten by with annoying at first, but the passing with no room in a 3000 pound missile is arguably attempted assault with a deadly weapon. I wonder if LAB has a lawyer these guys can borrow?
    I have to admit that when I ride the rural roads of central IL I am constantly on the lookout for distracted or cycling-ignorant drivers, but I don’t run into challenges like this.


    F-ing unbelievable!

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