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Fort Worth gets funds for bike-sharing

A bike-sharing program for Fort Worth, my hometown, took a big step toward reality today with the announcement that the U.S. Transportation Department will provide nearly $1 million to help fund it.
The federal money, $941,728 to be exact, will go to the Fort Worth Transportation Authority, called The T, to make bicycles available for anyone to rent at public racks placed around the city, said a story posted on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram website.
“The plan calls for about 300 bikes and 30 bike stations in locations like downtown, the hospital district and TCU on the south, to the Stockyards on the north, and the West Seventh Street corridor on the west to Texas Wesleyan University on the east,” said the Star-Telegram story.
Dick Ruddell, chief executive of The T, said the program would be in place by April.

City workers put down Fort Worth’s first green bike lane downtown at 12th and Commerce streets. Photo courtesy of Julia McCleeary, city of Fort Worth

“The heavy-duty three-speed bikes will come with locks, lights and baskets,” the Star-Telegram said. “Users will be able to use credit cards or program membership cards. Rental rates haven’t been determined.”
The T set aside $100,000 as a local match when it applied for the grant earlier this year, the paper reported. It has raised $260,000 in sponsorship.
San Antonio became the first Texas city to implement a modern bike-sharing program on March 26, 2011. Houston followed suit on May 2 of this year, and Austin is considering such a program.
In another step toward making Fort Worth more bicycle-friendly, the city launched a program today to put down bright-green-painted bike lanes at intersections, or other heavily trafficked areas where motorists cross bike lanes.


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Take that, Dallas!

I’ve written several posts about Fort Worth’s extensive and growing network of bicycle trails and designated lanes along city streets, as well as at least one about how that compares to Dallas.
The point is that Fort Worth has pressed ahead with making the nation’s 16th-largest city more bicycle-friendly while Dallas, Fort Worth’s bigger sister to the east, has dawdled and dithered.
Here’s more reinforcement for that view.
“Fort Worth is full speed ahead when it comes to bicycling as a culture and as a city recognizing it as a cheap, convenient, and serious form of transportation,” Patrick Kennedy wrote for Pegasus News, a Dallas-based hyperlocal website recently purchased by The Dallas Morning News.
“Every new bike lane Fort Worth adds is like a paper cut to Dallas’s right arm in the competition amongst cities. Unfortunately, every one Dallas doesn’t add, it’s administering paper cuts to its left. We might be worried about death by a thousand cuts if we didn’t enjoy it so much. Such masochists we must be.”
Ouch, Dallas!

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