Proposal by bicycling app

It’s one of the most creative uses of a bicycling app that I’ve ever seen – a marriage proposal mapped out on the streets of San Francisco.
Cyclist Murphy Mack, according to Mail Online, the website of London’s Daily Mail, rode 18 miles and burned 749 calories to trace out the words “Marry me Emily” surrounded by a heart.

Proposal by Strava

His ride, which took 80 minutes, was recorded by the free software app Strava, which cyclists and runners use to record their routes, speed, elevation and calories burned.
The girlfriend, Emily McLanahan, said yes.
The Strava app, reported the Mail Online, has spawned a new craze as cyclists and runners create artwork with the red route line recorded by the app using GPS technology.
But not all the artwork has been as romantic as Mack’s. One guy from Brighton, in southern England, Mail Online said, used Strava to draw a man’s private parts.



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2 responses to “Proposal by bicycling app

  1. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Wonderful.

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