Automated bike parking

I’ll not live long enough to see a robotic underground parking garage for bicycles in my hometown, Fort Worth.
But this idea from Japan might provide a solution for denser cities, such as New York, where the new bike-share system has drawn complaints from pedestrians who say the bike-docking stations take up too much space on sidewalks.


In Tokyo, one of the most crowded cities on the planet, bicycle commuters frequently have trouble finding a place to park their bikes during the morning rush hour.
The construction company Giken came up with underground parking garages that can each store up to 200 bicycles, fetched from the surface by robotic arms and taken below street level out of the weather and safe from thieves.
Called Eco Cycle, the system issues membership cards to users and microchips mounted on the bicycles’ forks.
Check out the video on how the system works.



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2 responses to “Automated bike parking

  1. Leave my bike, with strangers? Gasp – would it still like more, or would it be like my cat and hate me, needing to be wooed?

    And, what about my self image? When I am on my bike, decked out in my togs, I am in my chosen niche, my special place, my identify. When I am separated from my bike, wearing skimpy clothes, I feel out of place.

    Maybe the parking garages will have a cure for separation anxiety?

    Happy trails,


  2. I’ve been to Japan and had the opportunity to see the underground parking garage, it’s great.

    I like riding a bike on a regular basis, when i see the parking garage, it would try to use it.

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