Driver sentenced for harassment

James Ernst leaves the courtroom at the Boulder County Justice Center. Photo by Greg Lindstrom of the Longmont Times-Call

James Ernst leaves the courtroom at the Boulder County Justice Center. Photo by Greg Lindstrom of the Longmont Times-Call

Here’s an update on a Colorado case of cyclist harassment that went viral after the cyclists posted a video of the offending motorist on YouTube. (See Sept. 19 blog post, “The crazies out there,” and Sept. 20 post, “Driver busted for harassing cyclists.”)

The Daily Camera of Boulder, Colo., reports that 75-year-old James Ernst of Erie, Colo., was sentenced on Thursday to 12 months’ probation as part of a plea deal with prosecutors.
Ernst “pleaded guilty to two counts of harassment — a Class 3 misdemeanor — and two counts of improper use of a horn — a traffic offense,” the newspaper reported.
“In exchange for the plea, prosecutors dropped two counts of driving too slowly. Ernst also will be required to undergo anger management and do community service.”



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3 responses to “Driver sentenced for harassment

  1. Barbara Taylor

    When my son RaByn was riding his bike almost fulltime years ago, he was routinely assaulted by motorists, chucking beer bottles at him when they passed, which were sometimes empty, sometimes full, as well as lighted cigarettes, trash, ‘the bird’ (as though he were offensive in his choice of transportation), and epithets. It was disheartening, as well as constantly dangerous. Hopefully, we are now further along our journey toward being ‘the bike-friendliest’ city in America!

  2. I have reverted to using a helmet camera on my daily commute due to the near misses and scary situations that I encounter on a daily basis. As a cyclist I do feel vulnerable when cycling through the city as I have witnessed bully tactics by car drivers and even punches thrown over little things.

  3. It’s really disturbing the kind of behavior I’ve heard cyclist’s encounter. People chucking things at them and it’s hard to comment on other peoples situations because I wasn’t there.

    The other day I did see a cyclist riding on what I considered to be an unsafe manner. The gentlemen was riding along a highway during rush hour where the speed limit was 45 mph. There’s no shoulder, so all the cars in the slow lane had to switch lanes to pass him. I could see how this would irritate people, and I personally wouldn’t feel safe riding like that(I need my shoulder). There was a bike trail running parallel to the road, so I’m not sure why he elected not to ride on that. I read somewhere that most bicycle accidents occur at intersections when cyclists enter the roadway from sidewalks. Does anyone know where the source of that information comes from?

    It makes a lot of sense and possibly explains why the cyclist I saw the other day elected to stay on the road.

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