Another cyclist struck and killed

It’s happened again.
For the second time in a week
a Texas bicyclist has been struck and killed by a motorist while crossing a bridge.
First was Iris Stagner, 54, who was killed Sept. 17 while crossing a narrow bridge over the Brazos River on U.S. 180 a couple miles west of Mineral Wells.
And early on Sept. 23, reports the Austin American-Statesman, 30-year-old Robert Anthony Ramirez was killed as he bicycled across the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin.

Brian Adam Mahy

The newspaper said that a 26-year-old man, Brian Adam Mahy of San Antonio, has been charged with two felonies in the killing of Ramirez: intoxication manslaughter and failure to stop and render aid.
Mahy was held in Travis County Jail, with bail set at $120,000.
The American-Statesman quoted Mahy’s arrest affidavit as saying that around 4:30 a.m. on Sunday, a police officer arrived at the Congress Avenue Bridge to find witnesses who said they saw a Ford Mustang hit Ramirez at a high speed.
The witness attempted CPR on Ramirez until paramedics arrived, but he was pronounced dead a few minutes later. Pieces of the Mustang were found at the crash scene, the affidavit said.
“Just before 7 a.m., a man called police from a hotel and said he was the driver of the Mustang and wanted to turn himself in, the affidavit said,” the newspaper reported.
“Investigators met with the man, identified as Mahy, and he appeared intoxicated and had several bar receipts from the previous evening in his wallet, the affidavit said.
“Mahy told investigators he was the driver of the Mustang and its sole occupant, but declined to make further statements, the affidavit said. He was booked into jail that morning.”
Detective Karen Olson wrote in the affidavit: “Through my training and experience, and the time of the crash, it is probable that Brian Mahy had been out drinking all night and was possibly leaving the downtown area.”



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2 responses to “Another cyclist struck and killed

  1. Wayne

    Certain areas of town are usually well known by police as sources of drunk drivers yet it appears cities do not have the courage to patrol these areas looking for unsafe driving. We need to learn that a business friendly city does not need to be drunk driving friendly.

  2. Gabby

    Here is the absolute zenith of hypocrisy…
    This guy was in an elite corporate training program with one of the largest insurance companies in the country last spring. Out of a class of 24 students that were handpicked from many hundreds of applicants by the corporate elite, Brian was considered “Cream of the Crop.” He was, at that time last spring anyway, headed towards corporate nirvana. He was well spoken, smart (?) and dressed “according to management hoyle.” My point…
    In this 5 month property/casualty training course you cover every aspect of insurance including casualty scenarios of drunken driving. Then the corporation sends you on your way to prosper. What is one of the best ways to prosper in corporate america? Entertaining your clients of course. Wine and dine them. Drink with them. There tons of that. And even better, it’s all free to the entertainer because Uncle Corp Exec picks up the tab. I wonder who Brian was with that fateful night? An insurance agent that he calls on perhaps? For the victim’s family, I’d want to know if this was the case. Then you could turn these insurance maggots, who love collecting their premiums, upside down and empty their pockets for some semblance of payback. Party on you insurance rock stars!

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