A memorable milestone

Wednesday evening marked a significant milestone for Fort Worth.
More than 200 bicyclists
– the official count was 217 – turned out to participate in the Ride of Silence, an annual event held worldwide to honor cyclists who died in the previous year, most of them in road accidents.
It was probably the largest group of cyclists ever to ride as a group in a city that is fast developing a culture of cycling.
With a bicycling mayor who leads regular rides called “rolling town halls,” a City Council committed to implementing a comprehensive plan aimed at promoting the bicycle as an alternative means of transportation and a continually expanding network of paved trails and bike lanes on city streets, Fort Worth seems to be well on the way to achieving its goal of becoming a “bicycle-friendly community” in the eyes of the League of American Bicyclists by 2015.
Thanks to Scott Strom for organizing the Ride of Silence and to all who showed up to ride.



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2 responses to “A memorable milestone

  1. Alex Jones

    My town of Colchester has invested £millions in cycling routes.

  2. Alex,
    Thanks for your note. Yes, Europe is far ahead of us in promoting the bike as a safe, alternative means of transportation. But car-centric America — at least some cities — is trying to catch up.

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