A perpetual tailwind?

“Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia …”
H.G. Wells, British futurist, 1866-1946

I came across a YouTube video of Bill Nye, the Science Guy, expounding on the cities of the future. Those future cities, says the guy in the bowtie, will make many more accommodations for cyclists than most American cities now do.

Bill Nye

His predictions, some of which are already available in a few bike-friendly communities: designated places to park bikes securely, showers for bicycle commuters, laundries that cater to cyclists wanting clean clothes for the ride home from work, low-cost roads designated for bicycles.
And perhaps the most fanciful, one that he calls a “nutty, way-out-there idea”: enclosed bicycle thoroughfares protected from the weather. Some of them, he says, might even have louvers through which air currents could be directed so that cyclists always have a tailwind.
H.G. Wells’ predictions coming closer to fruition? Sounds good!



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4 responses to “A perpetual tailwind?

  1. mark

    I have always been intrigued by devices that have proven to be such a perfect functional design that they deviate little from their elementary origin. The bow and arrow is an example, around for thousands of years but still used in its original form. I wonder if, in another thousand years, the bicycle will be recognized like that.

  2. Enclosed bicycle thoroughfares that are protected from the weather … that also gave tail winds? Now THAT would be amazing. 🙂

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