It’s called a Nubrella

Our Sunday morning neighborhood bike ride was cancelled today because of storm squalls that rolled though the Dallas-Fort Worth area until after lunchtime.
And then I saw this, from The Telegraph of Britain: a hands-free umbrella that sits on your head like a collapsible bubble.

Photo by Solent News

Called a Nubrella, the contraption was invented by Alan Kaufman, 49, of Florida, The Telegraph reported.
“The major advantage is the wearer doesn’t have to carry anything when not in use as it goes behind the head like a hood,” the newspaper quoted Kaufman as saying.
“The umbrella was long overdue for some innovation, now people can ride their bikes and work outdoors completely hands free while staying protected. Millions of people are required to work outdoors no matter what the conditions are and simply can’t hold an umbrella and perform their tasks.”
I guess it’s no more dorky looking than spandex shiny-heinie shorts and those little rear-view mirrors that stick out to the side of your helmet.



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3 responses to “It’s called a Nubrella

  1. Two thoughts: Wind resistance and water running down the front of you. And of course…. do000000rrrrrrrky! Cheers, Allen

  2. Chang,
    I had those same thoughts. Thanks for your comments and for looking at my blog.

  3. Robin

    I have biked my whole life, in the rainiest city in america and would have loved to have Nubrella. You wear a poncho to keep the rest of you dry then Nubrella so you can see while biking. I would have to resort to wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses (which doesn’t cut it in downpours or a night). I want to try one out, my only concern is visibility and the stuffiness factor.

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