Combining two passions

Deliciously warm weather yesterday prompted me to spend an afternoon engaging in two of my passions: bicycling and photography.

View through a leg of "Man With Briefcase" sculpture to a reflected image across West Seventh Street in downtown Fort Worth

So, with the temperature in the high 70s in North Texas, I hopped on my bike, camera in my messenger bag, and rode to downtown Fort Worth to snap some photos of one of the city’s larger pieces of public art.
“Man With Briefcase,” a sculpture by American artist Jonathan Borofsky, soars above Burnett Plaza on the western edge of downtown. Essentially, it’s a cutout silhouette in a huge upright slab of brushed aluminum of a man with a fedora and a briefcase.
Created in 2002, the sculpture is 50 feet tall, 22 feet wide and a foot thick. It weighs 12 tons.
In the months after it was erected, Fort Worthians were ambivalent about the sculpture. Some loved it; some hated it. Some wondered why the figure in the silhouette is wearing a fedora instead of a cowboy hat.
Fort Worth’s nickname is “Cowtown,” after all!
“Whether or not ‘Man With Briefcase’ is still hot conversation fodder is moot,” Fort Worth Weekly observed on April 2, 2008. “He does what most public art is supposed to: Get people thinking about their surroundings and also in new ways.”
Here are some of the photographic results of a splendid day out and about on a bike:

Blue sky fills silhouette of "Man With Briefcase" sculpture in downtown Fort Worth

"Man With Briefcase" sculpture by Jonathan Borofsky in Burnett Plaza, downtown Fort Worth

A passer-by glances at "Man With Briefcase" sculpture in downtown Fort Worth

"Man With Briefcase" sculpture soars over Burnett Plaza in downtown Fort Worth

Silhouette of "Man With Briefcase" sculpture reflected in window of office building across the street


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