Helping change the commuting culture

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, my former employer, editorialized this morning in favor of the City Council’s plan to build five showers for City Hall employees who commute to work by bicycle or jog during lunchtime.
The decision, approved in December and reprised in a report last Sunday by the newspaper’s “watchdog,” had fomented a tempest in a teaspoon. It pitted some angry taxpayers who thought the showers were an outrageous waste of money against cyclists and other health-conscious folks who figured they made pretty good sense. (See previous blog post.)
The Star-Telegram came down on the side of the latter.
“In recent months, the city has created more than 10 miles of bicycle lanes as part of its Bike Fort Worth plan to help change the commuting culture,” the newspaper said. “It makes sense to provide employee conveniences that might encourage others to use bicycles as a safe alternative to the automobile to get to work.
“To bring about this change, bike commuters need a place to change.”
Thank you, Star-Telegram!


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