Happy Hanukkah, y’all!



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2 responses to “Happy Hanukkah, y’all!

  1. That is the coolest menorah I’ve ever seen! Love your blog too!

  2. Susan,
    Thanks for the kind words and for looking at my blog. I’ve also looked at your nice blog and noted that you’ve done the Katy Trail. That’s one of my favorite rides. I’ve done it three times — west to east each time, most recently in late-summer of 2010. I hope to do it again, perhaps this spring or summer. It’s been a convenient ride for me because — although I live in Fort Worth, Texas, I’m from Alton, Ill., on the Mississippi just upriver from St. Louis. My sister still lives there, and each time I’ve done the ride, I’ver persuaded her and her husband to drive out to Clinton, Mo., to meet me and then take my car to Alton so I could drive back to Fort Worth. The last time I did the ride, I continued on from St. Charles to Alton via Highway 94 and U.S. 367. I was in Alton for Christmas and had a chance to visit St. Charles. I shot some photos of St. Charles in Christmas garb and plan to post them soon on my blog. Take care, ride safely and happy new year.

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