Riding with the mayor

Fort Worth is fortunate to have a mayor who is an avid cyclist and a strong advocate of two-wheeled transport.

Jim and Mayor Betsy Price

Mayor Betsy Price, who was elected May 14 and took office July 12, led 21 days of bicycle rides in Fort Worth to coincide with the running of this year’s Tour de France. And she has continued to lead rides around the city.
The latest was on Saturday — a 14-mile circuit of Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, a sprawling military complex on the city’s west side. About 70 local cyclists showed up to ride with the mayor and two members of the Air Force Cycling Team.
Most of the ride was along the flight line, past lines of cargo aircraft and jet fighters, and on the 1,200-foot runway, which is long enough to handle the largest military aircraft and a Boeing 747 with a Space Shuttle piggy-backed to its fuselage.

One of our hosts

The Space Shuttle Endeavor stopped at the base Dec. 10-11, 2008, as it was being ferried atop a 747 from Edwards Air Force Base in California back to the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral in Florida.
The peloton of cyclists on Saturday’s ride around the 1,805-acre base was escorted by a team of military police on ATVs who sped ahead and blocked motorized traffic at each intersection.
After the fast-paced ride on a brisk fall morning, we had a chance to chat with the military personnel who helped stage the ride. They said they hoped it would become an annual event.
We hope so, too. Here’s a salute to Mayor Price and the base’s officers and enlisted men and women for making the first one happen.

Mayor Betsy Price with military police and members of the Air Force Cycling Team


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