An unexpected photo op

I should always carry a camera with me during my walkabouts and bike rides around Fort Worth. You never know when a photo opportunity might present itself.
This morning, as I was walking my dog in the Mistletoe Heights neighbood on the city’s Near South Side, I came across a vintage Radio Flyer scooter propped against a bench at The Triangle, a triangular patch of green space that serves as a neighborhood gathering place.
I didn’t have with me my favorite camera, a Canon PowerShot G12, so I used my iPhone.
Using the Picasa 3 photo-editing program on my computer, I amped up the color saturation a bit with a photo-editing program on my computer.
No one else was at The Triangle when I passed by, so I have no idea who owns the scooter or why it was propped against the bench. But it made for a pretty nice photo.



Filed under Americana, Cool stuff, History

2 responses to “An unexpected photo op

  1. Scott

    Might be cool in a vignetted sepia tone.

  2. That photo would have been wonderful even if it had been blurry. Thanks!

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