A gift of photography

Almost all of the posts on this blog have something to do with bicycling, one way or another.
Put this one under the category of “stuff I learned from my sons,” which I’ve written about in a previous post, particulary in regard to photography.

A photo by son Thomas for an AP story about the snowboarding documentary "The Art of Flight"

Two of my sons, Thomas and Ben, have a deep interest in photography and a gift for taking fine pictures. I’ve been studying their techniques and trying to learn from them.
I featured a selection of bicycle photos by Ben, an amateur photographer, in a Sept. 7 blog post, “Where bicycles rule.” The photos were shot in the Netherlands, where Ben spent a couple weeks this summer.
Today, I feature a photo essay by Thomas, shot May 8 in the Snowmass ski area of Colorado. Thomas, who works for The Associated Press in Denver, captured the images for an AP story about a spectacular new documentary on snowboarding, The Art of Flight. The film opened Sept. 7 in New York.
I, of course, am biased, but I think the photos are pretty good.

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  1. Your sons are truely talented. They should do it for a living! Seriously, with skills like that, I’m surprised they aren’t already!

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