Where bicycles rule

My oldest son, Ben, a gifted amateur photographer who lives in Taiwan, spent a couple weeks in the Netherlands this summer.


Before his trip, I asked him to take a few shots of Holland’s long-flourishing bicycle culture to post on this blog. Today, he delivered by e-mail a series of stunning images that I wish I could claim as my own.
In a nation that has more than 12,500 miles of bicycle paths, where about 37 percent of trips under 1.5 miles are made by bicycle, and, of course, where bikes are as ubiquitous as tulips in springtime, Ben had photo opportunities at every turn. And he made the best of them.
Check out the slide show of his photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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5 responses to “Where bicycles rule

  1. Scott

    Wonderful photos and great compositions. Thank you.

  2. Ben

    Hi Dad. Thanks for posting my bike photos. I don’t know if the photos are stunning, but thanks for your kind words. It was fun seeing all the different types of bikes in Amsterdam.

  3. That’s a great assortment of photos. I like the gigantic basket in pic #20.

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