Cycling in the news

Nearly every day I troll the Internet in search of snippets about bicycling. Here are a few from today’s cull:

— After John Markoff crashed on his bike while riding downhill at 30 mph on the back roads of the San Francisco Peninsula, he was alert and oriented when the medics got to him. But he had no memory of what led to the crash. “Ultimately,” he wrote for The New York Times Science section, “I was able to put the puzzle together with the cyclist’s equivalent of a black box: the digital record of my speed, location, pedal rate and heart rate that was stored in the Garmin cyclometer on my handlebars. I also learned that other cyclists involved in accidents have been able to use similar data to prove what happened in their crashes.”

Neighbor and fellow cyclist Josh Lindsay checks out the Velib system during a bike ride in France this summer

— Since Paris Mayor Bernard Delanoe introduced the first Velib rental bikes in 2006, Parisians have embraced the bicycle in numbers not seen since World War II, says Bicycling magazine. Today no less than 20,000 Velib bikes, can be found a hundreds of stations on the city streets of Paris. As a result, cyclists can simply pick up a bike from one of the stations, go for a ride, and drop it back at any station they choose. But this quiet revolution would not have possible if it weren’t for the expansion of bike lanes or bike-friendly lanes. Currently the mayor’s office claims 645 kilometers of protected or semi-protected routes.

— “I learned long time ago that my body is what I have to work with,” writes Dennis Wyatt, managing editor of the Manteca Bulletin of Manteca, Calif. “I’ll never be an athlete but I can maximize the body I was dealt in the DNA sweepstakes. So what if I can’t even throw like a girl? And just because I’m a klutz who could give Chevy Chase a run for his money doesn’t mean I have to sit on my tail. Exercising and your health should be about you and not about anyone else whether it is Jack LaLane, Lance Armstrong, or some chain-smoking mountain biker.”

— The Leopard-Trek cycling team is joining forces for the 2012 and 2013 seasons with the RadioShack team formerly led by seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, according to news service reports.


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