We’re ‘getting there’

Fort Worth has a long way to go before it becomes a bike-friendly city on the order of Portland, Ore., or Minneapolis. But, “it’s getting there.”
That’s the considered opinion of Mark Troxler, avid cyclist, professional ballet dancer and a leader of Fort Worth’s monthly “critical mass” rides.
Mark was quoted in a nice piece by Matt McGowan for the blog Fort Worthology.
Also a cyclist, Matt is newly arrived in the city from Lubbock. He has been getting involved in the local cycling scene and joined last Friday evening’s critical mass ride, which began in Burnett Park in downtown Fort Worth.
Kevin Buchanan, who operates Fort Worthology, shot some photos. And, hey, I ended up in the lead photo that accompanied Matt’s piece.

Getting ready to head out on Friday's critical mass ride. From left in front: Mark Troxler, Jim Peipert and Josh Lindsay. Photo by Kevin Buchanan


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