‘Industrial revolutions’

I’m continually amazed by what this guy can do on a bike.
The latest video displaying
the bicycle artistry of Danny MacAskill of Scotland, “Industrial Revolutions,” has been popping in the posts of my bicycling Facebook friends and it’s gone viral on YouTube. So I’m posting it on my blog.
The British newspaper The Independent reported on Aug. 18 that the video was filmed for the TV documentary “Concrete Circus,” shown on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom on Aug. 15. The newspaper said the video was uploaded to YouTube on Aug. 9 but began to go viral only after its showing on British television. As of Aug. 18, The Independent said, the video had more than 762,000 views.
The video, directed by Stu Thomson, shows MacAskill performing gravity-defying stunts on a BMX as he rides around industrial relics and an abandoned train yard in the Scottish countryside. The music is “The Wolves” by Ben Howard, courtesy of Universal Island Records.
The Independent noted that MacAskill has previously found YouTube fame with several videos, including one for the Red Bull energy drinks company titled “Way Back Home.” That video, the newspaper said, currently has more than 12 million views after being uploaded in November 2010.


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