Deliverance from Hades

Rain! Cool, blessed rain.
A steady, gentle rain that began in
the wee hours of Saturday.
A rain that seeped slowly into the cracks in the scorched ground, not a Texas frog-strangler that quickly drains away into gullies and storm sewers and provides little relief to the parched earth.

Clouds, wind and dust from the northwest on Friday heralded Saturday's rain in Fort Worth

A cooling rain that came after 40 consecutive days of triple-digit temperatures in Dallas-Fort Worth.
A rain that lifted the spirits of North Texans and offered hope that the landscape might turn green again.
A rain that was heralded the day before by gusts of wind from the northwest that kicked up swirls of dust and ushered in darkening clouds, promising precipitation but not delivering.
A rain that, even after it stopped, left a cover of clouds that protected against the relentless drumbeat of the August sun.
The weather in Texas this summer has been apocalyptic, recalling the last great scourge of torrid temperatures in the summer of 1980, which recorded 42 straight days of triple-digit heat.
Saturday’s rain was deliverance from Hades.


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  1. Thats scary – I am from australia and I fear that one day wars may be fought for water not oil

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