To save precious minutes

It may seem like a small thing, maybe frivolous to some. But placing 911 locator signs along biking and hiking trails could make the difference between life and death.
As early as next week, the Tarrant Regional Water District will begin placing 77 locator signs on a stretch of trail along the Clear Fork of the Trinity River, from the trailhead at Texas 183 southwest of downtown Fort Worth to the confluence of the Clear Fork and West Fork just north of downtown.
“The signs read ‘your 911 location is,’ followed by ‘CF’ for Clear Fork and a corresponding number,” said a Wednesday report on KXAS/Channel 5. “When people call 911, they can tell the operator the location letters and numbers so the operator will know where they are.”
The stretch of trail getting the signs — about 10 miles — is probably the most heavily used of Fort Worth’s extensive Trinity Trails network, mostly along the Clear and West forks. It passes through Trinity Park, skirts the museum district and the Fort Worth Zoo on opposite sides of the river and ends near several large apartment complexes.
The signs will allow emergency responders to pinpoint the location of, say, a crashed cyclist with a head injury or a jogger suffering a heart attack, saving precious minutes and maybe lives.
The water district is spending about $10,000 for the signs, which will be placed about 1,000 feet apart along the trail, Channel 5 said.
“It’s a relatively small cost when it comes to saving people’s lives,” Channel 5 quoted a water district spokesman, Chad Lorance, as saying. “So if we save one live, it’s well worth it.”



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2 responses to “To save precious minutes

  1. I’m curious about this; anyone calling 911 along this stretch would be using a cell phone, correct? In which case, the phone’s location is self-identified anyways. I’m trying to understand why this is necessary (of course, if it is, it’s a valuable investment).

  2. Scott

    I was thinking the same thing. Apparently some cells can’t be pinpointed to exact locations – just a general area.
    I was also curious as to whether or not a person needing 911 could actually see the CF ID & phone in their location, or perhaps rely on the kindness of a passing stranger.

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