The ‘Austin of North Texas’?

It’s very gratifying to see that Fort Worth is pushing ahead with its goal of becoming a bike-friendly city, as judged by the League of American Bicyclists, by 2015.

A cyclist tries out one of Fort Worth's new bike lanes. Star-Telegram photo by Ron T. Ennis

The city has approved a comprehensive bicycle transportation plan; it makes regular improvements and expansions to its fine network of paved bicycle trails, mostly along the Trinity River; it’s considering a bike-sharing plan; bike lanes are being delineated on key thoroughfares in and around downtown; and Mayor-elect Betsy Price, an avid cyclist, has been urging employers to provide shower facilities for cyclists who want to ride to work.
Here’s a link to a story in today’s Fort Worth Star-Telegram about the city’s latest efforts.
An online comment on the story paints a contrast between what’s going on it Fort Worth compared to the eastern anchor of the Metroplex, Dallas:
“I find it very interesting FW, even though its had its right-tilted leanings in the past, is becoming the more progressive city in the Metroplex when it comes to bikers. Dallas has dropped the ball on bike lanes for quite awhile because they cant ‘agree’ how to handle the lanes. Cowtown is more and more becoming the ‘Austin of North Texas’ because of not only its progressive civic policies, but for its quality of life. It’s another reason the wife and I are moving that way as well.”



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2 responses to “The ‘Austin of North Texas’?

  1. “Gratifying” is a different word than I would have chosen – as one that has been pulled over by FW police and quoted imaginary laws. I do like Betsy, however and I can confirm she really IS bike oriented, having talked with her quite a bit at the last “clean air awards” in October. We shall both keep close watch on how all this develops. Since I live in Colleyville, if it ends badly I shall be affected less than you so I pray it all works out. If it DOES end badly in FW, call me when you move my way!

    Either way, thanks for the flag to the article!

  2. Rick

    Just supports my long held theory, that FW is a better “all around” place to hang my hat than Big D.

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