The pole-climbing bike lock

Here’s a novel way to protect your bike from thieves: Hoist it up a light pole.
The bizarre device, billed as “the most secure bike lock in the world,” was developed by a team of engineers in Hamburg, Germany, for the German company Conrad, a retailer of electronics and a wide range of consumer projects.
The bike lock was used in a series of clever TV commercials late last year to illustrate Conrad’s marketing catchphrase: “Full of ideas.”
“You have the fun. We have the technology. … Conrad, full of ideas,” say the TV ads.
The engineers fashioned the Rube Goldberg-esque security gizmo out of skateboard wheels, a metal frame and a motor that responds to a wireless controller.
The device was one of range of gadgets conceived and fabricated by the engineers using components that can be bought from Conrad. The bike lock is not available for sale. But if you’re a do-it-yourself tinkerer, maybe you can figure out how to build it by watching the second video. It would help, of course, to understand German.


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