One lucky fool!

London has done a fine job, under Mayor Boris Johnson, of creating a network of bike lanes, increasing the number of bicycle commuters and making the British metropolis much safer for cyclists.
But there’s no fix for stupidity.
Watch the video below of an impatient cyclist, intent on improving the gene pool, as he gets caught behind a double-decker bus, veers out of the bike/bus lane, races ahead around a line of cars and tries to duck back into the bike/bus lane.
He gets sandwiched between the bus and a pickup truck.
“That was really stupid,” says a voice in the video, presumably the videographer.
But the cyclist lived to ride another day. He’s one lucky fool!
The video, by the way, was shot with a goPro HD Hero cam! “This was the first thing I filmed with it!,” says the guy who shot the footage.

Hipster Trash Compactor – East London from jssjmsvckry on Vimeo.



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2 responses to “One lucky fool!

  1. I must confess that I could not figure out how to ride that road safely, despite careful attention to the video. With cycling facilities such as those, it truly is “really stupid.” It could be said about the so-called traffic engineers as well as the cyclist.

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