Forever young: II

I wrote on Tuesday, Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday, that one of the aims of bicycling is to “stay forever young” — in the words of one of my favorite Dylan songs.
Here’s a nice video vignette on Lucette Gilbert of New York City who has been living that lyric since she began cycling as a 7-year-old girl in France.

Lucette Gilbert

Now in her “very late 70s,” Gilbert has been a cyclist for about seven decades.
A New York transit strike in 1980 prompted her to become a bicycle commuter, and she still rides just about everywhere she needs to go, including a daily trip to work from the Upper East Side to Union Square.
Gilbert scoffs at any suggestion that she might be too old to bicycle.
“People say, ‘Oh you’re still biking,’ which I find offensive,” she says. “When I can’t bike anymore, my body will tell me. But my body keeps telling me, ‘Go for it!'”
I liked the headline on one online item about Gilbert: “If this little old lady can ride her bike to work, what’s your excuse?”
But Gilbert will have to ride for many more years to match Octavio Orduño of Long Beach, Calif. Orduño, who turned 103 on March 14, uses his trike nearly every day to ride to the park, the beach and the farmer’s market, a ritual practiced for nearly 40 years.
His 81-year-old wife, Alicia, made him switch to a three-wheeler after he turned 100.

My NYC Biking Story: Lucette Gilbert from Streetfilms on Vimeo.


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