‘The bikes — they won’

Controversy over bicycle lanes in Vancouver, British Columbia, has prompted some cycling advocates with too much time on their hands to adapt some footage from a 2004 film on Hitler’s last days to fit their cause.
The footage of a rant by the German dictator has been used to poke fun at a variety of events over the past few years: Hitler learns that Sarah Palin has resigned as Alaska governor, Hitler finds out that comic Jay Leno is moving back to a late-night time slot, Hitler is informed that his Xbox live account has been terminated, Hitler rails against the vuvuzela at the 2010 World Cup, etc., etc.
But this is the first adaptation from the film Downfall that I’ve seen having to do with bike lanes.
The video clip, called “Vancouver Bike Lane Nazi,” was uploaded to YouTube on April 1 as an April Fool’s joke. As of this writing, it has been viewed 37,746 times.
“It took us 3 hours to get to Robson Street,” says a Wehrmacht officer briefing Hitler at the start of the clip. “Everywhere we went there was a bike lane. We thought that the Burrard Bridge would be the fastest way downtown, but there is a new bike lane there.”
Hitler launches a tirade in which he proclaims: “Roads are for cars! Every morning I have to sit in traffic while the bike lanes sit empty. No one wants to ride in the rain. Even with all these bloody bike lanes, there is always some idiot weaving through the traffic. I’m slamming on the brakes while he listens to music! I oughta stop the car, get out, take the air out of his tires and throw his iPod into traffic.”
At the end, Hitler concedes: “I’m fed up with waging this battle. I can’t see any other option — but carpoooling. The bikes — they won.”
Click on video link below.


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  1. I have to admit I was trying to understand the actual dialog while reading the subtitles. Having read Speer’s book and quite a few others on that topic, what the spoof did more than anything else was make me put the original on our backlog of mail order movies.

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