I put away the champagne

Jim’s Bike Blog passed a milestone of sorts today — 100,000 hits since I launched this online journal on April 17, 2009, in advance of a trans-America bicycle ride in the fall of that year.
But the occasion passed without fanfare or celebration.
I’ve written previously that the hit count on a website is a phantom figure, that many of the hits are made by “netbots” that troll the Internet to do such things as track and analyze web traffic, that a compelling news story in print or online can attract more readers in a few hours than this blog will in a year, that a post on a celebritity blog about Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga might record 100,000 hits in a day, that regular readership on most blogs might boil down to a few friends and relatives, that millions of people who think they have something to say write blogs, and that blogging might afford satisfaction to the blogger but adds little to the world’s store of knowledge.

Hatch-chan the blogging house cat

“Most people have no idea that hits are meaningless,” says a website called mediacollege.com. “A ‘million hits’ does not mean that a million people visited a website. It doesn’t actually tell you anything at all about the volume of traffic — the real number of visitors could be close to a million or it could be less than a thousand. There’s just no way of knowing.”
But 100,000 hits must count for something. Right? A party? At least an occasion for some private revelry?
Then I read about a celebrity house cat in Osaka, Japan, named Hatch-chan, whose blog — in Japanese — is said to have a following of some 50,000 readers per day.
Of course, the cat, a former stray, gets out and about, meeting fans, making appearances at department stores and recording TV shows.
He’s also been the star of a movie, the subject of a calendar and the name behind a line of merchandise from stuffed toys to refrigerator magnets.
Cat blogs apparently are all the rage in Japan, and Hatch-chan’s photographer owner, Natsumi Fujiwara, documents his every move for each day’s blog post. His black-and-white mug is plastered all over the blog, engaging in such feline pursuits as peeking out of a cardboard house, chasing a ball of yarn, napping on a computer printer and licking his right forepaw.
But 50,000 hits a day for a blog by a cat?!?!
Maybe I should ask my dog to write a blog.
I put away the champagne.



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4 responses to “I put away the champagne

  1. John Vandevelde

    If I were there, I would buy you a Shiner Bock at least. Congratulations!

  2. leroylindsay@yahoo.com

    Congratulations Jim. This actual person thinks you do a great job with this blog.
    Josh (at least I think I’m not an internet bot)

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