Sunday riders

“Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling.”
— James E. Starrs, editor of the book The Literary Cyclist: Great Bicycling Scenes in Literature, 1999

Nearly every Sunday morning for the past several years, a group of friends and neighbors — sometimes as many as 15 — have gathered in Mistletoe Heights, a neighborhood on Fort Worth’s Near South Side, for a bike ride ranging in distance from about 20 to 35 miles.
Here is a photo that I shot during a break in the ride on Sunday, the first day of spring. The group was small because some of the usuals were out of town or otherwise indisposed.
From left to right: Phil Love, Rick Lee, Erik Hansen, Jeff Gibbons and Ralph Watterson. Yes, during the spring and summer, Ralph usually rides in a Hawaian shirt.



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4 responses to “Sunday riders

  1. Rick

    A more noble and handsome group cannot be found….


    What a handsome and energetic group of young men this looks to
    be. Probably ornery ————-but handsome nontheless.
    Linda Ethington (Rick’s mom) Yes, I admit it !!

  3. Scott

    Is this an exclusive club or can anyone join in?

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