A rolling steam room

Now here’s something that would have been a welcome sight to my bike-commuting friends, those who rode to work despite the frigid, icy weather of early February: a portable sauna hauled around by pedal power.
Here’s how Jeff Ciabotti of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy described this bizarre contraption on the organization’s website on Tuesday:
“Imagine this: It’s 19 degrees out with a wind chill that would send even the hardiest polar bear swimmers back to their lair for a long winter nap. You are riding fully geared up, but the wind is laughing in your face. As time drags on, your internal conversation is turning ugly. Just when you decide to abort your trip, a fire-spewing capsule suddenly appears that vaguely resembles the landing pod for Apollo 13. You cautiously approach. Upon hearing sounds of merriment, you reach for the hatch, pull it open and step into a rolling hothouse made just for you.”
The “BikeSAUNA” project was a bit of “guerrilla architecture” devised by young Czech architects who work for a firm in Prague called H3T Architects.
The rolling steam room was delivered as a gift to cyclists in the Czech Republic who don’t stop riding in the winter. It can accommodate up to six people at a time and was tested by 30 people last week on the banks of the Moldau River in Prague, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy reported.
“We in colder sections of the United States can only hope that such a good idea gets imported — and soon!” the organization’s website said.
I’m afraid that a portable hothouse wouldn’t be of much use in Texas — save for a few frosty days each winter. In the heat and humidity of summer, the whole state is sometimes one gigantic sauna.

Bicycle sauna being tested along the Moldau River in Prague



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2 responses to “A rolling steam room

  1. Dale Armstrong

    Is that “cool” or what?

  2. Scott L.

    “…I’m afraid that a portable hothouse wouldn’t be of much use in Texas …” Maybe a rolling beer garden?

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