Some snow-day entertainment

As the wind howls outside, blowing snow in stinging sheets and making cycling a test of arctic survival, I figured this would be a good day to post the latest video clip featuring the mind-boggling bicycle artistry of Danny MacAskill.
I have previously posted videos starring MacAskill, a Scot who can do things on a bicycle that I can barely imagine.
This latest video, “Way back home: Edinburgh to Skye,” was released Nov. 16 and showcases locations on MacAskill’s home turf:
Edinburgh Castle, the seaside town of North Berwick, wartime bunkers on Inchgarvie, an uninhabited island beneath the Forth Bridge, and a hydroelectric power station in the Scottish Highlands. It culminates with a visit to MacAskill’s home village, Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye.
“One of the hardest tricks in the film was probably the front flip off Edinburgh Castle as it was blowing a force 10 hooly,” MacAskill told The Telegraph, one of Britain’s national newspapers. “It was also raining really heavily. If it wasn’t for that it would have been easy.”
If you say so, Danny.



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4 responses to “Some snow-day entertainment

  1. So, I conclude from this that you didn’t venture outside to see how your brakes work in these conditions?

  2. You are correct, sir! I took my dog out for a walk this morning, walking gingerly and slip-sliding the whole way.

  3. Jim,
    You at least walked the dog. I simply opened the patio door and told the dogs to take care of their business LOL!

    Stay warm!

    Peace 🙂

  4. Danny MacAskill reveals the 10 essential pieces of kit he reaches for when its roadtrip time Future To shoot his latest video Way Back Home street trials star Danny MacAskill went on a road trip across Scotland with film-makers Dave Sowerby and Mark ….. If I had one word to describe this video it would be Freedom!!!! Because that must be what rider Danny MacAskill also known as Taggart and Danny MegaSkill felt while he filmed his bike riding tour from Edinburgh to Skye in the United Kingdom. Way Back Home is the incredible new riding clip from Danny MacAskill .

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