A bicycling mob

“Web-savvy crowds gather in public places for moments of absurdity, then vanish.”
— Subhead on a Los Angeles Times story of Sept. 5, 2003, about flash mobs

Flash mobs, which burst into American pop culture in 2003 when more than 100 people gathered in the carpet department of Macy’s in Manhattan and told sales people that they were looking to buy a “love rug,” have since spread around the world and become a fixture on social networking sites.

Macy's flash mob in 2003

One flash mob that went viral on Facebook, YouTube and other sites during the holiday season was a Nov. 13 performance of the Hallelujah Chorus of Handel’s Messiah by Canada’s Niagara Chorus at the food court of the Seaway Mall in Welland, Ontario.
The other day, while trolling the Internet for material for Jim’s Bike Blog, I came across a flash mob performing to Queen’s classic song “Bicycle Race” at the central railway station in Brussels, Belgium.
It’s worth sharing.



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2 responses to “A bicycling mob

  1. Did you see the synchronized biking Santas on Boris Bikes?
    Not precisely a flash mob, but similar in spirit!

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