Change is good

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.”
— Unknown author

Regular visitors to the blog might have noticed some subtle — and not so subtle — differences over the past few days.
Other than the maxim that change is good, the tweaking on the blog was prompted by the fact that, the platform that I’ve been using since I started Jim’s Bike Blog in April 2009, arbitrarily retired the “theme” that I had been using and replaced it with another.
I had been using a “theme” called “Pressrow,” which I selected because it was clean and simple. The theme that replaced it, called “Pilcrow,” has almost exactly the same look at “Pressrow,” but it has more options to alter its appearance.
For example, Pilcrow offers an option to provide a background, which can be changed by season or on the whim of the blogger. For the holiday season, I’ll probably use a background of snowflakes on a green field. It will appear on the borders along either side of the blog content, where a light wood texture is now shown.
Also, Pilcrow allows the user to change the color of the pages on which the blog posts appear. Pressrow offered only black type on a white page. Pilcrow offers four options. For the time being, at least, I’ve chosen white type on a chocolate brown background. I’d prefer a background of a lighter brown, or a sand color, but no option is available for that color.
Pressrow offered only one page layout for the blog’s contents. Pilcrow offers six. Again, for the time being, I’ve chosen to stick with the original layout — blog posts on the left and sidebar material on the right. But I may do some experimenting.
All in all, I’m pleased with the Pilcrow theme and its options for change. As someone once observed: “If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.”
Any feedback would be welcome.


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