An answer for Abby

Jeff Rudisill, the subject of my previous post, “That small voice within,” found my blog and posted a comment that is worth a separate post.
Jeff has passed the halfway point in a walk across America, an undertaking that he apparently found difficult to explain to friends and relatives, who may consider it a bit daft.
“Pawpaw, why don’t you just drive?” asked his 9-year-old granddaughter Abby.
I quoted Abby in my Nov. 15 post, in which I wrote that I, as a fellow retiree who also heeded a small voice in the head, can understand what prompted Jeff to embark on his 2,800-mile walk from Dana Point, Calif., to Emerald Isle, N.C.


Jeff thanked me for “the kind words” and responded to the query from his granddaughter, which he wrote about in his own blog on July 12:
Abby, I wish I had an answer for you. Because at times, I ask myself the same questions. But as maybe you’ve already learned in your young life, sometimes we do things and we really don’t understand why.
Maybe I just want to give you and the ‘cousins’ a memory to carry throughout your life. Or maybe I want to show you just how far I will walk to go to the beach with you next year. Or maybe I want to show you that you can do most anything, no matter how crazy or hard it seems.
There must be answers to your questions, maybe someday you and I will figure it all out. But for now, these are the best answers I have. Anyhow, Grandma and me can ride in a car when we get old.

Well said, Jeff!



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2 responses to “An answer for Abby

  1. I am planning a west coast to east coast bicycle ride this year. My bike was recently stolen so if i cant get another bike i have considered walking. I’m doing it not only as a personal goal but to raise money and awareness for a good cause. Recently my nephew, jordan romero at age 13 climbed mount everest. He has truly inspired me to live my long time dream. As jordan says, “find your everest”. Words to live by.

    • Art,
      Thanks for looking at my blog and for your new year’s wishes. Best of luck in your transcontinental journey. By the way, a friend and fellow rider on my own cross-country trip in the fall of 2009, Kami Kitchen, worked in Nepal this past climbing season leading trekkers to Everest base camp. She had breakfast with your nephew in Kathmandu before his ascent. Take care and good luck on your trip.

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