Nomads on two wheels

A quick note for anyone in the environs of Fort Worth who wants a vicarious taste of long-distance cycling:
Laura Crawford and Russ Roca, who are
on an extended bicycle ramble across America, will tell tales of their adventures at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Trinity Bicycles, 207 S. Main St., just south of downtown Fort Worth.
Russ, a photographer, and Laura, a writer and jewelry maker, have been chronicling their journey on the website The Path Less Pedaled and a Facebook page of the same name. They began the trip last July in Portland, Ore., cycled down the West Coast and now are working their way across the United States. They arrived in Fort Worth on Sunday.
During their travels, they’ve been stopping in various cities to give live presentations about their journey and how others can become bicycle nomads.
Bernie Scheffler, owner of Trinity Bicycles, writes on the shop’s blog that a group of cyclists is planning to meet at the bike shop at 5:30 p.m. to ride over to West Magnolia Avenue for dinner.
“If the group is large, we may split up and eat at different eateries, but it will be fun regardless,” Bernie wrote. “Nothing builds cycling fellowship like riding to a meal.”



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2 responses to “Nomads on two wheels

  1. jennifer

    I saw a picture on your blog of a football game at the 50 yard line. Is this a print I can buy?
    Thank You,

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