Scribbling in the ether

I’ve often wondered as I’ve scribbled these posts: How many people out there in the blogosphere are doing the same thing?
Thousands, millions?
So I did a little online research and found a website called The Future Buzz, whose aim is to help users spread “buzz online for whatever you’re doing on or off the web.” The Future Buzz compiled these figures.
— The number of blogs indexed by the website Technorati since 2002: 133 million.
— The number of people globally who read blogs (comScore March 2008): 346 million.
— The average number of blog posts in a 24-hour period: 900,000.
Wordpress, the platform that I use for this blog, says it hosts 297,131 blogs, and counting. That’s a lot of folks scribbling passionately about their pet pastimes.
Whatever your interest, you’re sure to find in the blogosphere someone writing about it — from angling to zinnias, from biking to yoga.
I can’t find figures on the number of bicycling blogs. But the website London Cyclist, which I’ve cited previously in this blog, has compiled its annual list of the top 50 cycling blogs. This one, alas, is not on it.
Besides London Cyclist, I’ve cited two other blogs on London Cyclist’s list of the top 50: The Path Less Pedaled, about an extended bicycle tour that began in Portland, Ore., last spring, and Riding Pretty, “dedicated to all the girls in the world who want to ride pretty on a bicycle.”
The latter is a very good resource on the tweed ride phenomenon.
Texas blogs on the list: Austin on Two Wheels and Austin Texas Bike Stuff.
Add to the blogs the babblings of talk radio and teenage texting, and that’s an awful lot of verbiage banging around in the ether, perhaps being scooped up and analyzed by denizens of an alien world.
Would they conclude that ours is an intelligent civilization?


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