Flight ops at Lukla

Kami of Kathmandu

One of the cyclists whom I rode with across the United States last fall, Kami Kitchen, is off on another adventure: She’s in Nepal helping lead a group of trekkers to Everest Base Camp at 17,590 feet (5,360 meters).
Day 2 of the trek includes a flight from Kathmandu, the Nepalese capital, to Tenzing-Hillary Airport at Lukla, the starting point for most expeditions to climb the world’s highest mountain.
“This flight is a lifetime experience in itself,” says the brochure for the trek.
“The 450-meter-long airfield is on a slope and the difference in elevation between the two ends of the runway is about 60 meters! Planes land up the slope to slow them down and take off down the slope to gain airspeed more rapidly. There is a mountain peak at one end and a cliff at the other. There are spectacular views of the mountains on the flight, but you have to be seated on the left side of the plane.”
Judging from the video Kami posted on Facebook, even those passengers on the left side of the plane might be too preoccupied with their puke bags to enjoy the view.


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