‘Rugby? Who wants to go to Rugby?’

Russ Roca and Laura Crawford

I couldn’t resist sharing a couple of videos posted on the Web site The Path Less Pedaled, which chronicles the bicycle travels of Laura Crawford and Russ Roca, who last spring set out from Portland, Ore., “on an extended bike tour throughout the U.S. and beyond.”
Laura, a jewelry maker, and Russ, a photographer, are currently in Austin, where they have given presentations on bicycle touring to groups of cyclists.
“At our last outdoor presentation, we showed some videos from the Web to get people excited about bike touring,” Russ wrote Wednesday on the Web site.
You can view all of the video clips on the Web site or on their Facebook fan page of the same name. I picked a couple that I particulary like.
The first, from Rivendell Bicycle Works, makes you want to hop onto your bike on a beautiful spring day and ride across the countryside. The song that accompanies the video is “I Am Goodbye,” by Bonnie Prince Billy.
The second video is a British Transport Film about a bicycle excursion on May 8, 1955, by the Cyclists Touring Club.
The cyclists, some in tweedy attire and all without helmets, travel by British Rail to the West Midlands town of Rugby. (“Rugby? Who wants to go to Rugby?” the narrator asks in a delightfully plummy British accent.)
They ride through the countryside around Rugby — encountering at one point a “bit of rough weather,” dealt with in stiff-upper-lip fashion — and travel back to London the same day by British Rail, which uses the film to tout its accommodations for cyclists.
I love the line in the film: “H.H. England, the editor of Cycling, knows that a cycle tour without a map is like new potatoes without the smell of mint.”


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