Kami’s snappies

“A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.”
Eudora Welty, American short story writer and novelist, 1909-2001


Fellow cross-country cyclist Kami Kitchen has rambled to the far side of the world and back since we rode together last fall from San Diego to St. Augustine, Fla. So she was a bit late in organizing and sharing her photos.
I’ve already posted on this blog several batches of photographs shot by myself and other riders on the trek. With your forebearance, I’ll post a few more from among the hundreds that Kami shot.
Most of the photos include myself. Others were included to give some idea of the varied terrain encountered during a bicycle ride across the United States.
I particularly like the photo that shows three of our riders as tiny specks on a landscape of rolling range land and majestic mountains in southern New Mexico. I like it so much, in fact, that I’m using it for a time as the “header” photo on this blog.
Kami has posted her full album of photos from the cross-country ride on Facebook, and I, in turn, also posted them on my Facebook Profile page.
Ahhh, as I sit at a computer on a beautiful spring day in Fort Worth — and as those magical moments of last fall slip away — I can’t help but wish I were back on my bike riding across a continent.

At Ocean Beach in San Diego at the start of the ride. From left: Cathy Blondeau, Derrik Maude, Jim Peipert and Gerben Terpstra

Carbo-loading with John Vandevelde (left)

Reg Prentice snaps a photo in California's Imperial Dunes

At Emory Pass, the literal high point of the ride, with Kami Kitchen and Cathy Blondeau

Rolling ranchland east of Emory Pass in southern New Mexico

Celebrating the halfway point of the ride at Guenther's Creekside Grill in the aptly named town of Comfort in the Texas Hill Country

Kami in high cotton somewhere in the Deep South

The Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail in the Florida Panhandle

A fit of silliness at the end of the ride in St. Augustine, Fla.

More silliness at the beach in St. Augustine


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One response to “Kami’s snappies

  1. Ben

    Great photos….I also like the one of the rolling hills near Emory Pass. I miss New Mexico so much!

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