Mile-high cycling

One our our sons, who lives in Denver, is a sometime cyclist and very good photographer. He sends a weekly photo to family and friends on an e-mail list.
Here is his latest, shot along an 850-mile network of paved, off-road bike and pedestrian trails that crisscross Denver’s seven-country metro area:
“This was taken in downtown Denver near the confluence of the Platte River and Cherry Creek,” Thomas wrote of the photo. “I went back and tried to take it when the light was more diffused and the shadows weren’t as prominent. But as luck would have it, when I did that, there wasn’t a cyclist in sight. Hope you enjoy.”
Denver has one of the most extensive biking, hiking and jogging trail systems in the United States. The paved trails connect to hundreds of additional miles of dirt trails, many of which lead into the Rocky Mountains just to the west of the Mile High City.
Because much of Denver’s early history occurred along the Platte River, “the Colorado Historical Society has erected more than 20 large historic signs that use photos and illustrations to tell the story of the area,” says a Web page describing the Greenway Trail along the South Platte River. “There are markers alongside the trail describing the Native Americans who once lived here, as well plaques dealing with wildlife and birds.
“There are historic plaques for dinosaurs and the geologic history of the area, as well as ones dealing with the railroads, trolleys, explorers, mountain men, soldiers and farmers that at one time or another traveled beside the South Platte River.”
To see more of Thomas’ photos, go to:
Web site:



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2 responses to “Mile-high cycling

  1. i love bike too, expecially old style bicycle

  2. Wow Dad,

    Thanks for the plug. Maybe now I’ll start to get some traffic on my blog. I’m enjoying reading yours.

    Love, Thomas

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