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Poetry in motion

Through the Tejo you go to the World.
Beyond the Tejo is America
And the fortune you encounter there.
Nobody ever thinks about what’s beyond
The river of my village.

Fernando Pessoa, Portuguese poet, 1888-1935

Cyclists pedaling along a new bike path in Lisbon, Portugal, can experience poetry in motion — quite literally.
The paved path along the River Tagus — Tejo in Portuguese — is adorned with excerpts from a poem by Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa.
The poem, O Guardador de Rebanhos (“The Keeper of the Sheep”), was written in 1914 under the pseudonym Alberto Caeiro as an homage to the river in Pessoa’s hometown.
Thanks to Kami Kitchen, a fellow rider in our trans-America bicycle journey last fall, for giving me a heads-up on the bike path.
Take a look at the video by Abilio Vieira for a vicarious ride along the river that launched such celebrated Portuguese explorers as Vasco da Gama during Europe’s Age of Discovery in the 15th and 16th centuries.
Click on O Tejo in the line below.

O Tejo from Abilio Vieira on Vimeo.


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