Aerobics in the snow

“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.”
Carl Reiner

Not much biking gets done in 11 inches of snow — at least by me. So I’ve been getting my exercise the past couple of days by sawing up fallen limbs from the stately live oak tree in front of our house.

The carnage wrought by 11 inches of snow

The tree, Quercus virginiana, stands between the sidewalk and the curb, and its expansive canopy shades the front yard and overhangs the street.
For those in the North who may not be familiar with the Southern live oak, it’s an evergreen that never is without foliage. It begins to shed its waxy, elliptical leaves in late February and early March as the new growth comes in.

Our street

A fallen limb blocks the driveway

The heavy, wet snow of the past two days, caught in the dense foliage, weighed down the limbs and caused the lower branches to droop ponderously to the ground.

Bailey wonders: What is this stuff?

Many couldn’t bear the weight and snapped, some crashing to the ground and others still dangling high in the tree.
After several hours of sawing and schlepping broken limbs, almost as much foliage is now piled up beside the curb as is still on the tree. I fear it will look a bit naked once the rest of the broken limbs come down.
I grew up in Illinois and lived in Chicago, New York and Moscow, so I’m acquainted with snow. But it’s a novelty in Texas, and its folks, fauna and flora have trouble dealing with it.
An unsympathetic brother-in-law who lives in northern Illinois commented: “Eleven inches? That would be like 33 inches in real Midwest snow, right?”



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4 responses to “Aerobics in the snow

  1. Ben

    Cool photos Dad. I like the street photo best.

  2. Jim,

    Your bike blog has been really helpful as I get ready for the southern tier ride in mid-March. I will be promoting bicycling and solar energy as paths to sustainability. Any feedback about the site or how I might better promote the ride is greatly appreciated.


    • Brandon,
      Thanks for your note and for the kind words about my blog. I’ve been exploring your blog and find it quite attractive — nice header photo, well-written posts, etc. To promote the blog, you might submit it to, a site that I stumbled across. I submitted my blog before I started my cross-country trip, and it’s now listed on the site under “Bike Touring Blogs.” It was featured as the “Blog of the day” shortly after it was put on the site and was the featured blog of the day at one point during my cross-country trip. I noticed a spike in hits to my blog after it was put on
      Re your trip: Will you be taking the trip with the Adventure Cycling Association’s spring Southern Tier group? I’ve been a member of the Adventure Cycling Association for more than 15 years and am a big fan.
      I’ll be following your blog as you prepare for the trip and then actually do it. Good luck!
      Keep me posted I

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