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Does the Dallas-Fort Worth rivalry extend to cycling?

“Fort Worth is where the West begins and Dallas is where the East peters out.”
Will Rogers, 1879-1935

That observation from a man with strong Fort Worth ties is illustrative of the intense rivalry between two very different cities whose names are linked by a common airport.
On Tuesday night, the Fort Worth City Council unanimously approved a comprehensive plan aimed at making Cowtown one of the most bike-friendly communities in the country over the next five years. (See Feb. 10 blog post, From Cowtown to BikeTown?)
On Wednesday, a Dallas television station, KDAF-TV/Channel 33, reported on its Web site that “Dallas City Hall is looking for bicycling enthusiasts to help overhaul a 25-year-old city bike plan.”
Actually, that news was a bit old. Dallas’ new bike coordinator, Max Kalhammer, put out the word on Feb. 1 — as reported on the Dallas Observer‘s Web site — that he “is looking for folks to help the city rewrite the outdated Dallas Bike Plan, which hasn’t been touched since 1985, more or less.”

Sign for an annual bike ride in April

“The city’s forming a Bicycle Advisory Committee for which it needs 15 members, of course, who will be appointed by council members and the mayor,” the Dallas Observer reported. “Confabs start April 7, tentatively, with members expected to meet once a month for up to three hours till this sucker’s hashed out, which oughta take … oh, a year, maybe.”
Theresa O’Donnell, director of Dallas’ Sustainable Development and Construction Department, was quoted as saying: “This committee’s main function will be to give timely input and feedback on the major draft components of the Plan, and a thorough and constructive review of the overall draft Plan.”
Anyone who’s interested can go to the city’s Web site and download an application.
So does the rivalry between Fort Worth and Dallas extend to improving conditions for cyclists? One can only hope.


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