The flying Scot

“Picturing anything negative will make something bad happen. You have to be relaxed. Whether it’s 10 feet or 1,000 feet from the ground, I do not plan to fall.”
Danny MacAskill

Last spring, I posted a video of the remarkable bicycle artistry of Danny MacAskill of Scotland. (See May 10 blog post, “Don’t try this … anywhere!”)
A recent story in The New York Times provides an update on MacAskill’s life since that jaw-dropping video was posted on YouTube in April.


“With more than 13 million views, it is the Top Favorited sports video in YouTube history, according to the Web site’s statistics,” the Times reported Dec. 28.
As a result of his Internet fame, MacAskill has quit his job as a $9-per-hour bike mechanic at MacDonald Cycles in Edinburgh and, if he stays healthy, is expected to make six figures this year in a variety of enterprises involving his bicycling skills: sponsorships, shows with an all-Scottish stunt cycle team called The Clan and appearances in feature films, documentaries and TV commercials.
Check out his commercial for Volkswagen:


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