Does it get any better?

DE FUNIAK SPRINGS, Fla. — Life is good!
A campsite on Juniper Lake just north of De Funiak Springs in the Florida Panhandle. Cold draft beer dispensed from a tap on a lakeside deck at the RV park where we’re staying. A wide, smooth shoulder to ride on during the 60 miles along U.S. 90 from Milton, Fla., to De Funiak Springs. A sunny sky and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. And a tail wind most of the way.
De Funiak Springs signAs the guy says in the beer ad: “It doesn’t get any better than this!”
This transcontinental bicycle adventure is almost at an end. A week from Saturday — Lord willing and creeks don’t rise — our small caravan will roll into St. Augustine at the end of more than 3,000 miles across the southern edge of the United States from San Diego.
The deserts, the mountains, the 100-degree-plus heat seem a lifetime ago as we now focus on the end our our journey and the Thanksgiving holiday.
By my calculations, we’ve now covered just short of 2,700 miles of a trip that should total about 3,200.



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4 responses to “Does it get any better?

  1. ToddBS

    Congratulations! (I hope the premature nature of that doesn’t jinx you)

    I don’t know about for you, but for me reading along it doesn’t seem possible that you started your journey as long ago as you did. Time flies…

  2. Ben

    Almost there Dad!!!! Awesome!!

  3. flashriversafari

    Very good, Jim. Will be watching with awe as you make the home stretch! You’ve been a real inspiration to me and I sincerely appreciate it.

  4. Linda O.

    Happy Birthday! Had lunch with your bride to celebrate. Well maybe not, but do hope you had a happy one!

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