The eighth and final state

MILTON, Fla. — I was reminded on Thursday of a line in the 1994 film Dumb and Dumber, when Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carey) and Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) take a wrong turn on the way to Colorado and end up in the flatlands of Kansas. Thinking they’re in Colorado, Lloyd looks around and tells Harry: “That guy John Denver was full of shit.”
FloridaI felt the same way about the guy who said there are no hills in Florida because the highest point in all of the Sunshine State is only a few hundred feet.
That may be true (actually, the highest point is Britton Hill at Lakewood Park in Walton County in the Panhandle), but I believe we found a few of those high spots on Thursday as we rode along scenic U.S. 90 on bluffs overlooking Pensacola Bay.

A garish mansion on the bluffs overlooking Pensacola Bay

A garish mansion on bluffs overlooking Pensacola Bay

They were minor climbs, of course, after the mountains we climbed in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in our progression by bicycle across the southern tier of the United States.
But they were unexpected — at least by me — in a state known for its flatness.
We are now in the eighth and last state and the final days of our eastbound journey — more than 2,600 miles into a trip that will total about 3,200 miles. We’re scheduled to finish on the Atlantic Ocean in
St. Augustine on Nov. 21, the Saturday before Thanksgiving.



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6 responses to “The eighth and final state

  1. Wow Dad!! I never thought I’d see you quote Dumb and Dumber, quite possibly the greatest movie ever made. Ride safely.


  2. Ben

    I love that line. Your almost there Dad. Awesome!!!!!

  3. zack

    G-d, hard to believe after a year or so of planning, hype and waiting, that you’re almost done! Great job so far, and keep it up. I can’t wait to share a nice burger and beer with ya back in Fort Worth, presuming you don’t have other plans around the week of Thanksgiving.

    • Zack,
      Hope to see you when you’re home for Thanksgiving. We’re going to San Antonio on Wedneday and will probably be back on Sunday. When do you go back to Mizzou?

      • zack

        I get back a week from today and leave via Amtrak on Sunday the 29th. When are you expecting to get home yourself? I guess I am also wondering what the end of the journey will be like for y’all — any big blow-out, or perhaps something quiet and reflective instead? Hopefully it’s not anticlimactic. And of course it’ll be sad to part ways after two months together on the road. Geez, sorry to get all depressing on you, Jim.

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