A date with Ida?

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. — Hurricane Ida, brewing in the Gulf of Mexico as a Category 2 storm, has added a big element of uncertainty to the remainder of our transcontinental bicycle journey from San Diego to St. Augustine, Fla.
Mississippi 1We’re spending Sunday night in Ocean Springs, south of Gautier, after a ride of more than 80 miles from Poplarville, Miss. We’re supposed to ride on Monday to Bayou La Batre, Ala. But the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Florida is under a hurricane warning and we plan to reassess our plans on Monday morning.
Here’s the latest from AccuWeather.com: “A hurricane warning has been issued for the northern Gulf Coast from Pascagoula, Mississippi, eastward to Indian Pass, Florida. A tropical storm warning along with a hurricane watch are in effect for the central Gulf Coast from Grand Isle, La., to eastward to just west of Pascagoula, Miss., which includes New Orleans and Lake Pontchartrain.”
The woman who runs the Journey’s End RV Park, where we’re staying, says we could get six inches of rain overnight. But that might just be TV hype. I’m spending the night in a cabin with two other riders, and the rest are sleeping on the floor of the RV park’s recreation center.
The park’s two cabins are on low ground next to a bayou and have flooded in the past. The rec center is on higher ground.
Sunday’s ride was long, boring and tiring — through rolling hills and pine forests of southern Mississippi — and I could hardly wait for it to be over. But a hot shower, a good meal of pulled pork, beans and potato salad, good company and pitchers of cold beer have a salutary effect on the human body.



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4 responses to “A date with Ida?

  1. I hope it all works out for you. It’d be a shame to come all this way and have an oddball end-of-season storm spoil things (I don’t think we’ve ever had a hurricane this late).

    And having sat through a number of them myself, I can say that 6 inches of rain in one night is not all that difficult to do.

  2. Ben

    I hope the hurricane passes without incident. Stay dry and safe. Love, Ben

  3. JENN

    are ya’ll just gonna hunker down somewhere until things blow over?

  4. Erik

    Hang in there.
    The rain and winds will pass – eventually!


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