Down the road toward East Texas

willie nelsonOn the road again
Goin’ places that I’ve never been.
Seein’ things that I may never see again
And I can’t wait to get on the road again.

Willie Nelson, “On the Road Again,” 1980

BASTROP, Texas — After three nights in Austin, a chance to reunite with wife, dog, friends and relatives, we’re back on the road toward East Texas and, in less than a month, the Atlantic Ocean.
It’s hard to believe that this bicycle journey, which began Sept. 20 in San Diego, is scheduled to end in just over three weeks, on Nov. 21 in St. Augustine, Fla.
Sunday’s ride out of Austin to Bastrop State Park, just short of 50 miles, was relatively easy because I was carrying no panniers. It’s amazing how much easier it is to get down the road without 50 pounds of gear hanging on the racks.
I rode the 50 miles with friend and neighbor Erik Hansen, who came down to Austin from Fort Worth. He and his wife, Kathryn, attended a Saturday party for me and my fellow riders hosted by bother-in-law Jim Finney and his wife, Rennae.
I didn’t have to carry my gear because Kathryn carried it in the Hansens’ car and she met us at Bastrop State Park.
My wife, Mary Ellen, and our dog, Bailey, also came to Austin from Fort Worth for a sweet reunion.
This will be a short blog post. I’m writing it inside my tent on battery power and by the light of my headlamp. We’re expecting an overnight storm, so we’ll probably have to break camp in the rain and ride in the rain Tuesday morning.
And I had just gotten all my gear dried out and cleaned in Austin after heavy rains in the Hill Country last Wednesday night.



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6 responses to “Down the road toward East Texas

  1. Kathryn Hansen

    Godspeed to you and your fellow travelers, Jim. We really enjoyed meeting them all. I’ll be thinking of you in your sarcophagus-like tent while we’re all snuggly in our bed, not having to listen to gangsta-rap at 3:00 a.m.!

  2. Tim Lowry

    Spoke with Mary Ellen this morning and she gave me the low down on your trip so far. Hope all is well. Look forward to hearing about everything once you get back! Keep on peddling…


    • Tim,
      Thanks for the good wishes. I’ll be glad to tell you all about the ride when I get back to Fort Worth, but you can read about it as it happens on the blog, that is when I have the time, energy and wi-fi connections to update it.

  3. Kathy Murphy

    It was great to see you and others in your caravan in Austin. I told Texas Highways Magazine staff about you today and now they too stand in awe.
    Yesterday downloaded Rosanne Cash’s newest CD called “The List” – check this out and interview with her on NPR Oct 8. Some of the songs her father said were essential. She does “500 miles” and it’s amazing. Should be your theme song. May the wind be at your back my friend.

  4. Kathy,
    Thanks for your kind words and for coming to Jim’s party. I’m a big fan of Rosanne Cash.

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