The odyssey has begun

ALPINE, Calif. — A perennial problem of maintaining this blog on a self-contained, cross-country bicycle trip is finding places to dispatch posts from the road.
I’m writing this in my tent by the light of an Eddie Bauer headlamp with my computer on battery power. So this will be short.
We got off Sunday morning from San Diego and rode 43 miles into the Laguna Mountains to a campsite a couple miles east of the town of Alpine.
Monday’s ride of about 61 miles will begin with about 50 miles of steady climbing in the Laguna Mountains before a downhill run of about 10 miles to the Imperial Valley town of Ocotillo. The high temperature for Ocotillo on Monday is forecast to be 108 degrees. So we plan on an early start.
All went well on Sunday’s first-day ride except for the blazing sun in the Laguna Mountains in the afternoon, combined with a lot of heavy-duty climbing.
Once we showered and set up camp, we took a shuttle bus from the campsite for an all-you-can-eat buffet at the Viejas Casino on an Indian reservation.
Now that I’m showered, hydrated and fed, it’s time to try to get some sleep on our first night on the road. The alarm is set for 5 a.m.



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7 responses to “The odyssey has begun

  1. Good luck Dad. You’ll do great.

  2. Ben

    108!!! That’s blistering. Did you play any blackjack, bingo or poker?

  3. Tom R.


    Good to see you’re finally on your way. Good luck & good riding.

    Tom R.

  4. flashriversafari

    Congrats, Jim… Enjoy it and all the very best on your Southern Tier voyage!

  5. Kay

    Dude! I’m already impressed.

  6. Ralph Lauer

    Great adventure, and I am oh so jealous. Best of luck and keep the saddle sores at bay.

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